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LinkToBD is a versatile social platform connecting individuals across various domains.
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Welcome to LinkToBD:
Connecting Bangladeshis Worldwide

Are you a Bangladeshi looking to connect with your fellow countrymen and women, whether you're living abroad or in Bangladesh? LinkToBD is the perfect app for you! Our platform is designed to bring the Bangladeshi community together across the globe, fostering friendships, business connections, relationships, travel guidance, and more.

Seamless Interaction

Connect professionally, socially, or romantically. LinkToBD offers seamless interaction to enhance your networking experience.

Business Growth

Foster entrepreneurial collaborations. Stay updated with the latest business trends. LinkToBD is your space for business growth.

Relationships Matter

Explore meaningful connections in the realms of dating and marriage. LinkToBD values the significance of genuine relationships.

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LinkToBD Features

Discover the features that make LinkToBD the ideal social platform. Join us for a seamless experience in connecting with people.

Our Mission:

LinkToBD's primary goal is to unite the Bangladeshi diaspora worldwide. We believe that by connecting Bangladeshi people from various backgrounds and locations, we can reduce language barriers, mitigate potential frauds, and foster a sense of community and support.

Join LinkToBD today and be a part of this vibrant and growing Bangladeshi community. Together, we can create meaningful connections, share knowledge, and support each other on our unique journeys around the world.

Various Platforms

Connect Seamlessly Across Diverse Horizons: Our Multifaceted Platforms Await Your Exploration!


Networking & Socializations

Forge meaningful connections and expand on social horizons.


Business & Entrepreneurship

Empower your entrepreneural sprint and discover new business ventures.


Marriage & Dating

Find your partner in a community of genuine connections.


Travel & Hosting

Unleash your wonderlust and explore destinations with local insights.


Study Abroad & Scholarship

Unlock global educational opportunities and broadn your academic pursuits.

Join LinkToBD Today!

Embark on a journey of meaningful connections. Join LinkToBD today and experience a platform designed for you.

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What Users Say

Discover the testimonials of our users. LinkToBD is dedicated to providing an exceptional platform for meaningful connections.